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YouTube undergoes streamlined re-design

YouTube shows off slim-fast version
YouTube shows off slim-fast version

YouTube has tweaked its homepage, with the onus very much on getting you all to watch videos on the site.

The folks at YouTube have been modifying the site over the last year, with new features added in March and there was also a homepage re-jig in April.

This latest change may seem like an obvious one but with the old homepage suffering from a bad case of the clutters, it is refreshing to see things a little more simple.

Simplified the design

"You may notice something looks a little different about our masthead (top navigational area on the homepage) today, and that's because we've done a bit of housecleaning," explains the YouTube blog. "We've streamlined and simplified the design to focus on the primary experience of YouTube: watching a video."

The blog then goes on to explain: "The left side is dedicated to exploration: finding videos to watch through search and browse. The right side is all about organisation of the videos that matter most to you: your subscriptions, your recent viewing history, and your own uploads."

As with all clean-ups, something has to go and in this case it's 'Items' with the country and language pulldown menus now in the footer.