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Woman gets revenge on Instagram 'artist' by beating him at his own game

Woman gets own back by undercutting Instagram "artist" by 99.9%

A few days ago it emerged that "artist" Richard Prince was exhibiting and selling screengrabs of other people's Instagram pictures at a gallery in New York.

The prints were for sale for $90,000 to whoever fancied dropping that kind of cash on a print out of a screengrab.

One of the people whose photos was "reappropriated" has turned the tables on Prince by selling her own prints of the image for $90 - thus undercutting him by 99.9%.

The woman, Missy Suicide of the Suicide Girls collective, took to Reddit to do an AMA on the subject - unfortunately for her, Redditors took the opportunity to quiz her on the finer points of the Suicide Girls' own ethical policies...

So it's all going really well for everyone.