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Dell turns Twitter into money-making machine

Dell has managed to wring something useful out of Twitter

Twitter users keen on using the microblogging site to do something other than blabber about nothing might want to take a look at Dell after it revealed it has managed to turn a healthy profit through the service.

As Twitter's owners and analysts alike scheme to make money from the popular site - 24 million visitors in April - Dell has been using its account to offer would-be customers deals on new PCs and discount coupons.

Value added

Over the last six months, Dell says its @DellOutlet Twitter account has brought it more than $1 million (£600,000) in sales.

It has achieved that through the simple expedient of offering something of value to the people who tune into its tweets.

Discount coupons

Typical postings give the lowdown on 20 per cent off new PCs and printers or direct and clear responses to pre- and after-sales queries.

So far, the @DellOutlet account handles only US-based customers, but if the Twitter route to more sales remains viable it can't be long before other territories and companies follow suit.