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Google One Pass boss: 'No war with Apple'

Google One Pass
One Pass offers an alternative to Apple's digital subscriptions

The man in charge of rolling-out the new Google One Pass subscription service in Europe says the search giant is not at war with Apple.

Google News Executive Madhav Chinnappa says that both Google's open subscription model and Apple's closed subscriptions service both have their advantage.

When asked about rivalry between the two companies at the Changing Media Summit, Chinnappa said "It is not a war."

Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt claimed at the launch of One Pass last month that "Apple has a closed model which has pros and cons, and Google believes in an open model, which also has its pros and cons."


Google's One Pass model allows users to access different levels of content from within apps with charges being made to the customer's Google Account.

The idea is to simplify access to content so users won't have to re-subscribe to content, while also offering access to single items if publishers choose to sell that way. So far Google is yet to entice any UK publishers.

It's a good job Google is denying talk of a war, because the rate Apple is going, Google would have certainly lost the first few battles.