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China stands firm in Google censorship row

Google - to be forced out?
Google - to be forced out?

China has defended its stance on censoring the internet following the news that Google is changing its stance on censoring its searches.

The Chinese Government has long insisted that it is the state and the media's responsibility to give the public only the information that it deems necessary, a stance that has drawn protracted criticism.

Google's statement also talked about freedom of speech activists and protesters Gmail accounts being accessed by people other than the account holders.

China's internet is open... apparently

"China's internet is open and the Chinese government encourages development of the internet," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told Reuters when asked to comment on Google.

"China welcomes international internet businesses developing services in China according to the law. Chinese law proscribes any form of hacking activity."

Also according to Reuters, Minister Wang Chen of the State Council Information Office warned against pornography, cyber-attacks, online fraud and rumours, saying that government and internet media have a responsibility to shape public opinion.

Will Google's stance force a change of heart? Not according to TechRadar columnist Gary Marshall, who writes: "Credit where credit's due, telling an entire government to get lost is a very brave and thoroughly laudable move, but it's just one government, and it's just one company."

Via Reuters