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Acer announces K11 pico projector

It's pico time
It's pico time

Acer has announced it is to return to the wonderfully small world of pico projectors, with the K11.

Announced this week at CeBit, the K11 on paper sounds like a pico on steroids. It has double the light power of the K10 – at 200 ANSI Lumens – and also packs a punch when it comes to memory and connectivity. This comes in the form of an integrated USB and SDHC card reader and an HDMI port.

Compact and bright

The lamp technology is again LED which means that you should get around 20,000 hours use out of it.

Size-wise, the K11 is more than compact, measuring a dinky 122x116 mm. It also weighs a mere 0.61Kg.

There was a bit of a niggle on the K10 when it came to display sizes but this has been rectified in the K11. The pico projector now pipes content out at a multitude of display ratios, including the movie-popular 4:3 and 16:9 formats.

Add to this ColorSafe and DLP technology and what you have is a projector that looks like it can compete with the big boys.

There's no pricing for the projector as of yet, but the Acer K11 does have a UK release date of May.