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Heads up, iOS gamers: Dozens of great titles are currently on sale

Although there isn’t any official announcement from Apple, an invisible sale has carved a swathe through some of the App Store’s bigger gaming titles for iOS, dropping a bunch of them to $0.99/£0.99/AU$1.49, and some even coming free.

We’ve scrounged together a list of 12 of the more popular and well-regarded iOS games below. It’s worth noting that not all of these offers are available in every region — and many of the discounts don’t specify an end date — so double-check the price before you pull the trigger.

  • Captain Cowboy ($0.99, Free): A reimagining of games like Boulder Dash but with a puzzle-adventure format and a gorgeous retro space aesthetic.
  • Mini Metro ($4.99, $0.99): Do you toss and turn at night, dreaming of town planning and infrastructure? If so, then Mini Metro has you covered. It's an oddly therapeutic management game in which you manage a growing city's subway system, adapting to your limited resources and the ever-flowing stream of transit.
  • Lumino City ($4.99, $0.99): This game won a BAFTA award in 2015 for its gorgeously hand-crafted paper and cardboard aesthetic. Another puzzle adventure title but in a completely different style, Lumino City is an adorable must-play.
  • Steamworld Heist ($9.99, $4.99): The spiritual successor to the popular SteamWorld Dig, this title has you captaining a pirate crew in a steampunk, turn-based strategy game like no other.
  • Human Resource Machine ($4.99, $0.99): This well-regarded game has you controlling a horde of little office workers to solve programming-esque puzzles so you can get 'promoted' to the next level. How long can you last under the watchful eyes of your roboto bosses?
  • Botanicula ($4.99, $0.99): An adventure game filled with adorable and funny moments as a band of five little tree friends try to protect their tree’s last seed. Gorgeous animation from the same studio that brought us the award-winning Machinarium (below).
  • Machinarium ($4.99, $0.99): Help the charming little robot Josef on an epic adventure to save his girlfriend through the storybook world created by Amanita Design studios.
  • Leo’s Fortune ($4.99, $0.99): A unique platform adventure game where you help Leo (a little mustachioed, fuzzy, blue ball) navigate a wondrously detailed environment in search for his stolen fortune.
  • Castles of Mad King Ludwig ($6.99, $0.99): The iOS iteration of the castle-building board game where deep strategy is needed to outwit your friends or the AI.
  • Assassin’s Creed Identity ($4.99, $0.99): A mobile gaming adaptation of the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise, Identity brings an action RPG to your pocket. Pick a class and level up your character as you face challenges across the Italian Renaissance.
  • Alto’s Adventure ($4.99, $0.99): Explore a beautiful snowy village as you snowboard across the icy mountains and grind along railings and fences.
  • Eggggg ($2.99, Free): This game is about vomit. And cyborg chickens. It’s an adventure-platformer where you use glorious streams of vomit to propel yourself and escape the heat of the cyborg chickens. Great.