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PlayStation Minis clock in 1 million downloads

PSP Go - not quite the download king Sony wants it to be
PSP Go - not quite the download king Sony wants it to be

Sony's push into low-priced games has been a little slow to start, with the company revealing that it has only clocked up 1 million downloads of Minis for PS3 and PSP.

The Minis don't exactly push Sony's games consoles to the limit, but they are extremely low in price so we would have expected more in the nine months since the launch of Minis.

Couple this with the fact that its PSP Go handheld only takes downloadable games, there should be a market there - but at the moment it is a small one.

Mini adventure

The figures show that the company has a long way to go before it takes on the might of the phone world with its games downloads.

A mere 1.7 per cent of PSP owners have bought a Mini game, compared to 51 per cent who have bought games for the iPhone and 54 per cent of those who have bought a title for their BlackBerry.

Just this week, the makers of Bejeweled announced that it sells a copy of the game every 4.3 seconds – which proves that downloadable gaming is one of the most burgeoning segments of the videogames market.

Sony will be hoping that the next nine months sees them tapping into this success.

Via PocketGamer