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Sony resisting cut-price PS Vita, US retailers do it instead

PS Vita
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The PS Vita has just had its price cut by stores in the US, bringing the 3G model down to a more affordable $199 (£133, AUS $193) and putting it more on level with the Nintendo 3DS.

Sony slashed the price of the Vita in Japan last month. However, the US-wide cuts appear to be more led by retailer initiatives rather than by Sony itself, which is apparently still hesitant to make the move.

But those hoping for a Sony-led price cut any time soon might be waiting around a while.

Jonathan Fargher, senior PR manager at Sony UK told TechRadar: "Outside of Japan, and more specifically where the UK is concerned, we have no plans to cut the price of the Vita at this moment in time."

Can the sinking Vitanic be saved?

If Sony wants us all to get the 'second screen' experience by pairing our Vitas with our PlayStation 4s, it might need to reconsider its current stance.

We saw a similar series of events with Nintendo's 3DS, which saw sales boosted after the price cut made just months after its release.

Could a similar move be exactly what Sony needs to get those Vitas moving off store shelves and into our hands?

Via Pocket-lint