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Amazon UK adds digital PlayStation store, but forget about cheaper games

Amazon UK adds digital PlayStation Store, but you can forget about cheaper games
Digital PS4 games hit Amazon

Amazon is now selling digital Sony PS3, PS4 and PS Vita games in the UK, allowing users to snap up codes they can insert on the PlayStation Network.

Following the launch of the scheme in the US last month, UK shoppers now have access to games and PS Plus subscriptions from the digital store, which is currently in beta.

However, gamers looking for an Amazon-style good deal can think again, as the prices are exactly the same as, they are on the PlayStation store.

Gamers in the US get a slightly better deal when buying digital titles from Amazon.

Extra step

While having another place to buy from is a welcome option, the pricing parity leaves little incentive for PlayStation owners to buy their digital games form Amazon, and merely adds a seemingly unnecessary link in the chain.

Buyers will need to obtain the code from Amazon and insert it within the PlayStation Network rather than simply buying it from the store for the same cost.

Perhaps if Amazon began doling out download codes for physical games so users wouldn't have to wait for delivery, that'd be a different matter, but then you open up a whole new can of worms with people just flogging the games or giving them to their mates.