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Evidence for iPhone 8 face-unlocking mounts, as Apple acquires facial recognition startup

Recently, it’s been speculated that Apple may forgo its Touch ID, feature on the upcoming iPhone 8 in favor of facial recognition, and the company’s latest acquisition seems to line up pretty neatly with this.

Tel Aviv cybertech startup, Realface, has just been bought by Apple for what is estimated to be a few million dollars. The Israeli company is responsible for facial recognition software that integrates artificial intelligence, specifically for use in smart and secure login systems.

The ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 featured iris scanning, and it worked pretty well, but if the iPhone 8 is to get facial recognition, it could be the next considerable step for biometric security in the major phone brands since the adoption of fingerprint scanning.

Despite the convenience and coolness of facial recognition, it’s still far from flawless, so Apple will have to be pretty confident with their technology if they are to implement it in future flagships.