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Will Acer's 15-inch Ultrabook spark sales lift?

Europe cold on Ultrabooks because size is everything
Very Zen

Sales of Intel Ultrabooks are reported to be failing to take the hefty bite out of the notebook market that Intel was hoping and Taiwanese suppliers blame Europe's lack of appetite for Intel's slim yet powerful MacBook Air pretenders.

Intel was hoping that its Ultrabook products would account for around 40 per cent of laptop sales in 2012, but that estimate has now been revised downwards to 20 per cent.

It's because these so-called Ultrabooks are not setting alight a fire of passion in the pit of Europe's souls. On the continent, we prefer 15-inch laptops, or so reckons Digitimes' weirdly specific Taiwanese supply chain source.

And therein lies the problem: there are no 15-inch Ultrabooks on the market. Enter Acer, which the sources also suggest is about to rock out a 15-inch Timeline Ultra to appease the European and American markets.

How much is that Ultrabook in the window?

It's not just that though, Ultrabooks are also proving to be rather more expensive than planned, more often tipping over £1,000 than not; but prices are expected to come down as the year progresses.

We reckon that AMD could be the solution to the great Ultrabook pricing problem though - a bit of competition never hurt anyone, did it Intel?

From Digitimes