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Google and Microsoft combined can't beat Apple

Google and Microsoft combined can't beat Apple
Apple: considerably richer than you

New financial results show that Apple now has a market value which is greater than both Google and Microsoft combined.

Stock in the company rose by a mighty three per cent this week, this comes a few weeks after the company revealed that it had its best quarter ever – managing to earn $13.06 billion with total revenue in the quarter up to $46.33 billion.

Apple: bigger than drugs

Couple these results with Google's share price falling nine per cent and Microsoft losing 6 per cent of its Windows revenue and what you have is a company which is greater in stock value than the sum of its two biggest tech rivals combined.

Aptly, it was Fortune magazine which put Apple's fortune into context best, with it noting that the company now worth more than the gross domestic product of Denmark and has more value more than all of the illegal drugs in the world put together.

And if you want to know more things Apple is richer than, then head over to the rather excellent 'things Apple is worth more than' Tumblr.

Via AppleInsider