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Samsung's newest tiny compact camcorder

The new small but sleek Samsung MX20
The new small but sleek Samsung MX20

Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has announced the arrival of its new budget camera, the MX20.

Forgoing HD shooting for the more cut-price MPEG4 variety, the MX20 is a camcorder aimed at the YouTube videomaker market.

So much so, the cam has a direct-to-YouTube button, so you don't even have to do any messy file transcoding.

Footage is stored on an SD card – up to 32GB – and features include a 34x zoom, image stabilisation and face detection technology.

Life through a lens

The CCD itself is not too shabby for a budget model, with the sensor weighing in at 680k, while the lens itself is made by Schneider-Kreuznach, so it shouldn't give you any imaging problems.

Although it's labelled a budget camcorder, we have no idea what this budget is as Samsung is being cagey about price details, but expect to see the MX20 in the shops this September, available in either black, white, red, or blue.