The Dyson Airwrap is $120 off for Black Friday - and I'm grabbing one

Dyson Airwrap deal
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A good Black Friday Dyson Airwrap deal used to be hard to find. This year, however, the highly-coveted hair tool from Dyson has hit its record-low price, thanks to this rare deal on Amazon. And this is your absolute chance to grab it for less.

The highly-popular Dyson Airwrap is not only very expensive, but it also rarely goes on sale. Not even Dyson offers good Black Friday deals on it. It looks like that's no longer the case though since this is the second time this month that it went on sale.

Currently, the Complete Long version of the Dyson Airwrap is 20% off - that's a $120 discount and better than last week's deal. This the lowest price tag we've seen on it and a must-grab if you've been coveting it for a while now. On top of that, the Complete Diffuse for Curly to Coily Hair version is 17% off as well, knocking it down to a more affordable $499. 

This product is so expensive most budget-minded folks just go for the best Dyson Airwrap dupes to save money. But with this deal, you can make your Dyson dreams come true without paying the full price. Hurry, though, considering how popular this product is, this deal won't be here for long. Grab it now before you miss out.

Dyson Airwrap at a record-low price for Black Friday

Dyson Airwrap: $599 now $479.20 at Amazon

Dyson Airwrap: was $599 now $479.20 at Amazon
Grab this rare Black Friday deal on the Dyson Airwrap that slashes a nice $120.97 discount off its full price. This is slightly better than last week's deal, and if you weren't able to take advantage of it then, now's the time. The popular Dyson Airwrap has several hair-styling tools in one, allowing you to style your hair however you want without switching your main tool, only the attachments. In our review, we praised it for being lightweight and easy to use but also lauded it for producing gorgeous and healthy results with its intelligent heat control and enhanced Coanda airflow.

The Dyson Airwrap has become such an icon, it has inspired a generation of dupes as well as gone viral on TikTok. It got so popular, in fact, that a couple of years back, it was actually hard to find it in stock, and people had to be on a waitlist to get it.

It makes sense. Not only is this hair styling product such a versatile tool as it's able to switch out attachments so it turns from a hair dryer to a curling wand within seconds, but it also has intelligent heat control and enhanced Coanda airflow to minimize damage to your tresses. That's all while producing stunning-looking results.

If you're worried about using hair styling tools due to heat damage, but you need an effective (and efficient) tool that's also lightweight and easy to use, the Dyson Airwrap is worth the steep price - especially since this rare deal knocks it down to under $500.

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