My job is testing headphones and Sony's WH-1000XM4 are my Amazon Big Spring Sale buy

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Friends, it's time to think about your headphones. They're not getting any younger are they? Right now, thanks to a deals extravaganza over at Amazon, the iconic and excellent Sony WH-1000XM4 over-ear headphones are seriously discounted.

I've been raving about Sony's slightly older over-ear noise cancelling headphones since their launch in August 2020. As far as I'm concerned they're still the best noise cancelling headphones you can buy – look, they're still right at the top of that particular buying guide to prove it!  

Right now, prices for both my favorite WH-1000XM4 and the slightly newer 2022-issue WH-1000XM5 are dramatically reduced in the Amazon Spring Sale – and although they're just a smidgeon off the lowest we've ever seen ever at Amazon, there's literally just a few dollars (or pounds) in it. Oh, and rest assured that our price elves are on this 24/7 and they tell us that both of these flagship Sony over-ear propositions are currently cheaper on Amazon than on competing retailers' websites.

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Today's best Sony WH-1000XM4 deals

Sony WH-1000XM4: $348 $248 at Amazon

Sony WH-1000XM4: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">was $348 now $248 at Amazon
The splendid XM4 have seen a few discounts recently (especially since the newer XM5 iteration launched), but they seldom go this low. Their asking price has been stuck just above the $270 mark for most of the past year, with just a few fleeting dips below it. So while this isn't the lowest price we've ever seen (that would be $228, for a brief spell in December 2023) it's still an excellent discount on exceptionally good cans.

Sony WH-1000XM4: £350 £199 at Amazon

Sony WH-1000XM4: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"">was £350 now £199 at Amazon
In the UK, this discount is as close to the lowest price we've ever seen for these superb Sonys as makes no difference. OK, they were £2 cheaper for a little while in December, but aside from that you'd have to spend a lot more to get your hands on these superb ANC over-ears. This is one of the best prices we've ever seen on what is truly a modern classic – and it may not be around for much longer. Bargain! 

Today's best Sony WH-1000XM5 deals 

Sony WH-1000XM5: $399$328 at Amazon
Have to have the newest top-tier Sony headphones? I hear you.

Sony WH-1000XM5: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">was $399 now $328 at Amazon
Have to have the newest top-tier Sony headphones? I hear you. In the US, the price of Sony's XM5-suffixed excellent over-ears hasn't dropped much below the $399 MSRP for very long, and while this isn't the lowest ever Amazon price – that was $299 in January 2024 – it's still well below the average selling price over the last nine months.

Sony WH-1000XM5: £316£279 at Amazon

Sony WH-1000XM5: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"">was £316 now £279 at Amazon
In the UK, the asking price of Sony's best noise cancelling cans have remained stubbornly high, and it's only really dropped below today's sale price for a day or so, back at the very start of the year. Amazon typically sells these latest flagship headphones at just over £300, so this is a significant saving on their last-seen price.

Look, either of these options can sit happily among the very best headphones on the market – and of course, they feature heavily in our best Sony headphones and earbuds roundup. 

Both are ideal for working from home (while the neighbors redo their bathroom), or walking to the office safe in the knowledge you're wearing cans that might as well say "please don't talk to me" on each ear cup – although there are helpful features in each to facilitate conversing, if you want to be sociable… 

Also, both versions achieved the full five stars under intense review at TechRadar, it's just that I love the comfort, build and portability of the slightly older set just that bit more – and for me, their new-found value for money (aided by the release of a newer sibling) edges it. 

Thinking you might wait for the next big sale event to snag this particular bargain? I understand, but do note that discounts such as these probably won't happen again until Prime Day in the summer and that's a lot of time waiting when you could be listening to great-quality music. Also, because the XM4 is a slightly older model now (but still oh so covetable!) I wouldn't want you to miss out… 

If you're stuck trying to decide which is best for you, a gander at our Sony WH-1000XM5 versus Sony WH-1000XM4 can help. I mean, you know which one I'd pick, but the final decision is yours to make. Choose wisely! 

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