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Gilty Couture iPod touch bezel review

Does the iPod touch need a gold-plated bezel?

The build quality of this bezel is weak compared to other iPod cases we've seen

Our Verdict

The product has some build-quality issues


  • Snug fit
  • Glam styling will appeal to some


  • Dodgy build quality
  • Styling will be a bit too over the top for many of us

This is a 14K gold-plated bezel for an iPod touch that has a continuous row of Swarovski crystals encrusted into the upper edges to create a diamond effect.

The underlying grooves of the bezel, the part that the iPod slides into, is a softer, lined material with a rubberish feel.

Poor build quality

We'll spare you our snobbish rants about the type of WAG – sorry, consumer – this product might appeal to, and tell you that the bezel did fit an iPod touch and did do its glitzy job.

On the downside, the build quality is weak compared to other iPod cases we've seen. The metal bends easily and the rubber lining started to flake away quite soon after we started using it.

If you're looking for a glam hit, and (pass the smelling salts) think that this product in some way improves the look of an iPod touch, then by all means go ahead and buy it.

Gilty Couture has a range of similar items for other iPods and the iPhone that can be browsed on its site. Fashion is not really our forte, but we suspect this might go well with a Burberry tracksuit.