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Momento iPhone app review

This is what a diary behaves and looks like in the 21st century!

Momento iPhone app
Memento is a next generation digital diary with the ability to aggregate from Facebook and Twitter

Our Verdict

A lovely mix of traditional diary and modern social network and metadata integration


  • Social network integration
  • Rich metadata support


  • Room for improvement
  • Would like a Mac companion app

The idea of keeping a proper diary has tremendous appeal; those of us who blog, know the joy of wandering through old posts, wallowing in the nostalgia of past highs and lows, and learning from our mistakes. It all takes effort, though.

Momento is a brilliant little idea, allying the idea of a traditional journal with modern notions of metadata and social networks, and wrapping it all up in a smart interface for a device that you carry with you everywhere.

You can input diary entries easily, even retrospectively, and each entry can have a slew of metadata associated with it, such as a rating, people tagged from your contacts database, places, pictures and more.

You can browse your events in a list, though frustratingly you can't go directly from one day to the next without tapping back to the overview then back in again to another day. You must use the calendar view, or drill down by place, people or tags.

Social genius

The brilliance, though, is that it hooks into four social networks too, automatically pulling in tweets, Facebook statuses, pictures posted to Flickr and a note of what tracks you've 'loved' on It'll happily go for days without being opened, and then comb back through the activity on these accounts and suck in the updates that have been made in the intervening period.

A system of icons and numbers beside each day's entry shows you what sources have been pulled in that day. Momento is making good use of Flickr's API to pull in the picture itself not just a notification that you posted something.

It's not so smart as to parse in pictures posted on Twitter to popular services such as Twitpic in the body of tweets, and indeed doesn't even make any links tappable.

Still, a terrific idea, well implemented.

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