Quite simply the worst battery performance we've ever seen on a smartphone.

The lithium 1350mAh battery (slightly lower than the 1400mAh on the HTC Desire) was fully charged at 10am on the first day of full testing and by 5.30pm it was completely dead.

Acer liquid e

And by dead we mean dead. It took forever to have the will to come back on. Even when plugged into the mains it took half an hour of resting up before we could even switch the thing back on.

To be fair to the Liquid E, we tested it to the max, employing the camera heavily and sending 3MB pictures via 3G, and continually using push email, but it surely shouldn't be draining to this extent?

We typed out a lot of texts and had the screen on full brightness to combat the sunlight, while live Twitter and Facebook widgets were running on the Home screen, but a seven-hour battery life is incredibly poor.

On another day, we used it sparingly and by 8pm it was also on the way out. Whereas we'll happily accept that most smartphones need to be charged in order to handle a second day's usage, not making it through the first day is completely unacceptable.

It promises five hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby battery. That's simply not true.


Android phones are always well-armed when it comes to connectivity and the Liquid E continues that fine tradition. There's 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, which performed very consistently, HSDPA to 7.2Mbps and quad-band 2G connectivity.

Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP is also present and AGPS works very well in terms of geotagging photography and Google Maps navigation. It does struggle in crowded areas, and it's not so reliable indoors.

Acer liquid e review

The homescreen-housed connectivity bar allows you control most of that functionality with one touch.

For a laptop manufacturer, you'd think that the Liquid E would be jam-packed with cool PC functionality that would encourage users to own this phone as an extension to their Acer PC. Well, no-one at Acer thought of that.

There's no neat interface to allow file transfers or contacts back ups and the CD that accompanies the handset is merely a digital instruction manual.

Acer liquid e

Plugging the Acer Liguid E into the PC just prompts the microSD card storage, making it easy to drag and drop your files onto the device. Sadly there's no opportunity to utilise the device as a mobile broadband dongle.