Corsair 700D case review

The ultimate PC case?

Corsair 700D
It's big, it's scary, and it's a system builder's dream

TechRadar Verdict

Design, functionality and understatement in six black panels. Fill it with serious tech.


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    Well designed

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    Subtle visuals


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    Too subtle for some?

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There are PC cases, and then there are PC cases. In the 700D, Corsair has created a positively fearsome monolith of storage aimed at PC enthusiasts looking to build their dream systems.

It might look unassuming at first glance compared with CoolerMaster's HAF X case, but the Corsair 700D has been designed to be crammed with the best gear.

We're talking grilles on the top panel for water cooler radiators, holes to lead cables out of the way behind the backplate… the kind of features modders might have experience of drilling and sawing out themselves.

But as standard.

Due to the 700D's aforementioned prerequisites for water cooling, one might imagine that airflow isn't something Corsair have lost sleep over, but like Thermaltake's Armor A90 fans are plenty.

The 700D has three separate airflow areas in fact, and two 140mm fans to keep chilled air running through each compartment.

A modders' case, but pre-made and waiting for high-end tech to fill its cavernous insides.

Phil Iwaniuk

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