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PC Nextday Zoostorm 4-5734 review

High-performance from the latest technology, but the warranty cover is poor

PC Nextday Zoostorm 4-5734
This laptop's bright screen brings games, photos and movies to life

Our Verdict

A great choice for gamers or those in need of a powerful multimedia laptop


  • Great multimedia features
  • Powerful
  • Good battery life


  • Heavy
  • Disappointing warranty

Proving how affordable laptops have become, the PC Nextday Zoostorm 4-5734 (£879 inc. VAT) packs in the latest mobile technology for some of the best performance around. Even mobility impresses, making this a well-rounded and accessible multimedia system.

The use of a 17-inch screen makes the chassis considerably large, and its 3.3kg weight won't suit frequent travel.

However, you can work around the house or on short journeys and the 204-minute battery life improves portability.

Excellent display

The large chassis allows for a spacious user interface. The keyboard is large and includes a dedicated pad of numeric keys.

However, the keyboard has a hard typing action and the keys need to be struck firmly to register, which restricts speed-typing.

The screen is bright and sharp. Colour reproduction is excellent and brings games, photos and movies to life.

The 1440 x 900-pixel resolution provides a sharp picture and lets you comfortably work with up to four windows at once. The widescreen aspect ratio is also ideal for gaming and watching DVDs.

Get gaming

A Core 2 Duo processor from Intel's latest range of Penryn chips is backed by 4096MB of memory and provides a great performance.

We were able to run several high-powered applications side by side with no noticeable drop in speed.

Graphics are equally strong. The dedicated nVidia graphics card runs the latest 3D games with ease and suits all 3D-intensive tasks. An HDMI-out port also lets you connect to HDTVs.

Comprehensive software

Up to 8.5GB of data per disc can be backed up to DVD using the dual-layer DVD rewriter, and the 4-in-1 card reader supports the most common media card formats. The Zoostorm's 300GB hard drive provides comprehensive storage.

The PC Nextday is also has Windows Vista Ultimate pre-installed. This is the flagship version of Microsoft's latest operating system and carries features such as HD video editing, full drive encryption and Windows Media Centre software.

Basic warranty

What lets the PC Nextday down is its limited warranty.

One year of parts and labour cover is provided, but you are responsible for all delivery fees. There is also no way to extend the base warranty at the time of purchase.

With its combination of multimedia power and the very latest technology, the PC Nextday Zoostorm 4-5734 is a great choice for power-hungry users. Just make sure you bear the limited warranty in mind.