Toshiba 55WL863B

Toshiba transplants its Japanese 'intelligent' TV tech to the UK

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  • Outstanding build quality
  • Good feature count
  • Mostly excellent picture quality
  • Fair price for what's on offer


  • Online service needs more features
  • Crosstalk on 3D images
  • Minor backlight 'bleed' in the corners

For a couple of years now there's been an increasingly wide divide between Toshiba in Japan and Toshiba in the UK.

For while Toshiba's Japan division has been blazing a high-end trail with its phenomenally powerful and entirely uncompromising CEVO TVs, Toshiba in the UK has been increasingly turning into a (very successful) budget brand.

Today, though, Toshiba is finally trying to get back on higher ground with the 55WL863: its first UK TV to carry the brand's CEVO Engine.

This powerful processing engine ushers in a number of potentially important picture features, including an advanced 2D to 3D conversion engine, a 3D version of Toshiba's long-respected Resolution+ system for boosting sharpness and detail, and a potentially very handy NetResolution+ system for improving the look of streamed video from the Internet.

The CEVO Engine is also used to drive the 55WL863's PRO-LED screen, complete with a degree of local dimming.

As you would expect of a high-end TV, the 55WL863 has active 3D playback, extensive multimedia playback via USB or DLNA PC, and online features courtesy of Toshiba's new Places system - complete with some intriguing personalisation options.

Also contributing to the set's high end appeal is its build quality - born out of Toshiba's recent collaboration with the Jacob Jensen Design studio.

Alongside the 55WL863 can be found the 42-inch 42WL863 and 46-inch 46WL863, while if you fancy the same spec and build quality but in a silver finish, you've got the YL863 series.

If you'd prefer a passive 3D solution, meanwhile, then Toshiba's got your back there too, in the shape of its VL863 series. But today's all about the 55WL863, and finding out just what a newly invigorated, high-end Toshiba might be capable of.