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Toshiba 19DV665DB review

This 19" LCD TV comes equipped with a built-in DVD drive

Toshiba 19DV665DB
This set is perfect for a child's room, where size and simplicity are more important than absolute picture performance

Our Verdict

A good TV as a second set in a child's room or the kitchen but we wouldn't recommend it as a main TV


  • Built in DVD drive
  • Price
  • Decent colour palette


  • Black levels
  • Motion handling
  • Flimsy build

The Toshiba 19DV665DB gets off to a slightly shaky start with its unusual panel resolution.

While 1,440 x 900 are enough pixels for an HD Ready badge, the arrangement of them isn't strictly 'widescreen', coming in at something more like 16:10 as opposed to the conventional 16:9 format.

While this is of debatable significance on such a small set, the 19DV665DB does carry about it a whiff of the re-purposed computer monitor, rather than that of a thoroughbred television.

Built-in DVD

What it does have, though, is a built-in DVD drive, making it ideal for a bedroom, kitchen or spare room, as well as DivX playback for enjoying video downloaded from the internet.

The lightweight, flimsy construction won't turn many heads, but the surprisingly large remote control seems to belong to a higher, more heavily specified set, although a few of its many buttons are for the DVD functions.

The zapper works well with the menu architecture, although onscreen text is small and difficult to read from more than a few feet away.


Picture performance is acceptable, with a persuasive, brightly lit palette and a reasonable amount of detail, but blacks are predictably shallow and movement is occasionally rather jerky.

Audio, meanwhile, has little muscle and barely any bass.

However, the built-in DVD drive combined with the low price earn the set a value-conscious four stars.

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