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LG 15EL9500 review

The largest consumer OLED TV is stylish and exciting, but so very expensive

LG 15EL9500
The LG 15EL9500 looks brilliant - but it's just too expensive


  • Superb black levels
  • Natural colour palette
  • Gorgeous styling


  • Stratospheric price
  • Small size
  • Sluggish remote control

The UK's second OLED television has finally arrived. Although at a mere fifteen inches across and an extraordinary 3.2mm deep the LG 15EL9500 is barely here at all.

Decked out in ineffably chic gunmetal grey and resting on a neat triangular stand, this one the most radical departures from flatscreen orthodoxy in years.


What few features there are have been crammed into the elongated A-frame stand to keep the panel itself so implausibly slight.

Unsurprisingly, the roll call is fairly short, with a Freeview tuner supplying the main point of interest. The resolution is merely HD ready, at 1,366 x 768 pixels, with the most exciting piece of processing coming in the form of LG's standard-issue TruMotion 100Hz scanning.

The connections are sparse to say the least, with a mini-HDMI requiring a - supplied - adaptor cable handling the audio visual requirements, an irritatingly fiddly power lead/RF that also requires adapting (two stages of it, this time) and a USB port.

Aside from that, there's precious little, unless you count the surprisingly deep image and audio calibration options (the former including two ISF-approved presets).