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Samsung DVD-V5500 review

It's cheap, but it sure doesn't look it

Our Verdict

This is a really good budget buy, and it should last until all your tapes wear out


  • Attractive price
  • Impressive build
  • Surprising picture quality


  • No disc recording
  • Rival DVD players perform better
  • Only one Scart

This product really surprised us. It's among the cheapest around, but it wouldn't look out of place among the most expensive. It may be a bit big - in the way that all VCRs are - but it's well finished and is one of the more solidly bolted-together machines around.

In terms of specifications it offers pretty much the same as the Toshiba, in that it's a DVD player with a VCR connected, and it offers PAL progressive scan DVD playback too.

What it also manages to do is offer a significant improvement in terms of picture quality over any of the affordable machines here - apart from the all singing- all-dancing JVC, this is your boy for watching DVD movies. The image is clear and colourful, with none of the fake sheen that other cheap players seem to inflict on the detail levels.

And the good news is that this quality is carried across into the VCR playback and recording functions too - making this a great piece of kit at a very impressive price.