These are the official colors you’ll probably be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 in

Samsung Galaxy S23 in various shades
The Samsung Galaxy S23 (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

The Samsung Galaxy S24 line is only around a week away, with January 17 being the date of Samsung’s big launch event, and if you’re considering buying one, it’s not too soon to decide which shade you might want, as a full list of the likely Samsung Galaxy S24 colors has leaked.

This comes from Ross Young, who has a solid track record for leaks, and it’s similar to a list that he and others have tipped before. Except this time it includes the exact names Samsung will apparently market all of these shades as.

Some of these – which will also apparently be used for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus – we’ve heard before too, but Sapphire Blue, Sandstone Orange, and Jade Green are new.

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These three shades have been less extensively leaked than the others, which include Amber Yellow, Cobalt Violet, Marble Gray, and Onyx Black.

Those four shades we’ve even seen leaked images of previously, but Sapphire Blue, Sandstone Orange, and Jade Green have so far remained more mysterious – perhaps because they’ll reportedly only be sold direct from Samsung’s online store, and as such won’t have been sent to other retailers.

In any case, the names of these shades give us more insight into how they might look. While Samsung might use the names creatively, we might equally see these shades stick close to what you’d expect from those names, which means jade might be a slightly yellowy green, sandstone might be a yellowish brown, presumably verging on orange given the full name is Sandstone Orange, and sapphire might be a deep, dark blue.

Those are just guesses, but we’ll know for sure soon, and TechRadar be covering the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 line live on the big day. So head back here on January 17 for all the news, announcements, and our expert analysis.

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