Fresh WWDC 2024 rumors hint at Face ID app lock and home screen dark mode for iOS 18

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A host of changes are predicted for iOS 18 (Image credit: Apple)

We're all set for the big Apple WWDC 2024 event happening tomorrow, June 10, and a couple of last-minute rumors have emerged around iOS 18 – hinting at a couple of the key upgrades that iPhone owners can look forward to.

These leaks both come from sources speaking to MacRumors, and the first suggests there's going to be a new security feature that'll enable you to lock individual apps behind Face ID (or Touch ID, or a passcode), in addition to the main screen lock.

This is a feature that is already available in limited form on the iPhone: You can lock individual entries in Notes, for example, while third-party apps such as WhatsApp and PayPal have also introduced the feature. This protection can also be enabled through a custom shortcut.

With iOS 18 though, the feature will be fully integrated and available for any Apple app – and quite possibly third-party apps too – at the operating system level. It's an extra safety net, should an unwelcome visitor manage to gain access to your phone.

Going dark

A MacBook on a blue background showing the WWDC 2024 teaser page

iOS 18 will be shown off at WWDC 2024 (Image credit: Apple)

The second tip that MacRumors has picked up relates to dark mode on the iPhone: apparently, the dark mode that was introduced back in 2019 with iOS 13 will be extended to cover the home screen app icons.

We've previously heard about more customization options for home screens and app icons arriving with iOS 18, and this is apparently related to that. Right now, dark mode affects the home screen wallpaper on an iPhone, but not the app icons.

The leaks about changes coming with iOS 18 have turned into a downpour in recent days, with news about AI features under the name Apple Intelligence, upgrades for the built-in Mail app, new text effects inside the Messages app, and much more. It all points to this iOS upgrade being one of the biggest yet, and it should launch in full in September.

All will be revealed on Monday: we'll be covering the event live, and you can watch it live too. The main keynote, featuring all the main announcements, gets underway at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST (3am AEST on June 11 for those in Australia).

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