iOS 18 rumored to be bringing new text effects to the Messages app

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Messages could be in line for an upgrade in iOS 18 (Image credit: Apple)

With the official iOS 18 reveal scheduled for June 10 at WWDC 2024, we're now hearing a new leak about the software update almost every day – and today's unconfirmed rumor is that the iOS Messages app is getting new text effects.

This comes from sources speaking to MacRumors, and the new animations will apparently build on the full-screen effects already available in the software. These screen effects were added back in iOS 10, launched in September 2016.

According to this leak, starting with iOS 18 you're going to be able to animate and format individual words in your message, which means you can be more precise about adding emphasis to your outgoing texts.

With Apple promising to support the RCS standard in Messages later this year, it's possible that the same effects are going to be available for green bubbles as well – though MacRumors isn't sure whether or not that'll happen.

Here's what's coming... maybe

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Numerous apps are in line for upgrades (Image credit: Apple)

That's all the information we have on this particular leak, but there have been plenty of others in recent days and weeks, mostly focusing on AI. Siri is set for a major upgrade, and might be able to do more in terms of controlling individual apps on your iPhone.

AI is apparently going to power new features in photo editing, website summarizing, and message creating, if the rumors are to be believed. While a lot of this will be handled by Apple's AI, a deal with OpenAI and ChatGPT is also said to have been struck.

There's also been talk that we'll get improved notification handling, as well as updates to a whole host of Apple apps (including the Calendar), and even some changes to how app shortcuts are displayed on the home screens.

Then there's been news that we'll see a revamped Settings page and Control Center in iOS 18, so that's something else to look out for. Apple should make all of this official on June 10, with a full roll out of the software set for September this year.

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