Don’t sleep on the iPhone 12 this Black Friday – it's now better value than ever

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Only last week, I published an advisory piece urging shoppers to skip the iPhone 14 this Black Friday season and opt, instead, for the better-value iPhone 13 or vastly superior iPhone 15. That advice still stands – the iPhone 13 is still available at Apple for just $599 in the US and £599 in the UK – but if you’re looking to save even more money on a box-fresh iPhone in the run-up to Christmas, you’d be wise to consider the iPhone 12, too.

“What?! The iPhone 12?” I hear you cry. And sure, given that we’re already hearing rumors about the iPhone 16 in some quarters, you’d be forgiven for gawking at anyone who touts Apple’s 2020 entry model as a good smartphone option in 2023. But as TechRadar’s Senior Phones Editor, Alex Walker-Todd, told us back in January, a three-year-old iPhone will always offer the best bang for your buck, and the iPhone 12 fits that aphorism like a glove. 

Let’s get the bad stuff out the way first. Versus newer iPhones, the iPhone 12’s cameras and battery life are just… fine. You get two 12MP shooters on the back and another on the front – all three are perfectly adequate but nothing to write home about – and the phone’s battery life tops out at around 18 hours on a high-use day. That’s it. That’s the bad stuff.

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The iPhone 12 is still a handsome-looking handset (Image credit: Apple)

There’s a lot more good stuff. For starters, the iPhone 12 boasts an OLED display that still holds its own against newer iPhone models, while the phone’s A14 Bionic chipset is only one generation behind the iPhone 14’s equivalent brain. 

Better yet, despite its age, the iPhone 12 is nigh-on future-proof. Apple typically supports iPhones with the latest software and security updates for six or seven years after they’re discontinued, and since the iPhone 12 has only just been removed from sale, it’s safe to expect that it’ll remain supported until at least 2029. The iPhone 12 is 5G-compatible, too, and comes equipped with Apple’s MagSafe technology, which is still the standard for iPhone accessories in 2023.

In other words, if you’re simply looking for a capable iPhone to tide you over for the next three or four years, then the iPhone 12 is still an excellent choice – and it’s currently discounted on both sides of the pond. In the US, Walmart has the iPhone 12 at just $399 (down from $499) right now, while in the UK, you’ll find the iPhone 12 for just £449 (down from £599) at both John Lewis and Very.

Best Black Friday iPhone 12 deals

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iPhone 12: was $499 now $399 at Walmart
The iPhone 12 is no longer the flashiest iPhone on the block, but at just $399 at Walmart, it remains an excellent value choice. For that price, you'll get a capable A14 Bionic chipset, a colorful OLED display, a decent 12MP main camera and 5G connectivity (with a compatible SIM). You won't find the iPhone 12 cheaper anywhere else, however with this deal, you'll be tied to a Straight Talk sim. If you'd rather pick up a fully unlocked iPhone 12, Best Buy currently has the phone in its clearance aisle for $566.99 (although, at that price, you're probably better off picking up the iPhone 13 at Apple for just $30 more).

iPhone 12: was

iPhone 12: was £549 now £449 at John Lewis
We've never seen the iPhone 12 cheaper at John Lewis, which perhaps explains why, at the time of writing, there are only a few color variants left in stock. That said, if you don't see a color you like, Very is currently offering the same deal.

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