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Microsoft Photosynth (iPhone) review

Create and share beautiful panoramic shots

Microsoft Photosynth
Photosynth enables you to take multiple images and stich them into a panorama

Our Verdict

Everyone should have this on their iPhone - get it now!


  • Easy to use
  • Great stitching
  • Free


  • Non-gyro devices struggle

When a stunning vista takes your breath away, your natural reaction, after drinking it in for a few moments, is to want to take the memory away with you to look back on. But a regular photo often fails to capture the scene in all its glory - nothing like actually being there.

Microsoft's free Photosynth iPhone app goes some way to rectifying this by helping you capture a full panorama of the view.

Now, while there are plenty of apps out there that do a competent job at stitching photos together, Photosynth is in another league entirely. Not only does it help you capture shots that are suitable for stitching, but it combines them pretty much flawlessly - even our discerning colleagues over on sister publication Digital Camera Magazine were impressed.

When you've snapped and it has stitched, you can pan around the view from within the app and upload it to Microsoft's service. Each vista also gets exported to your Camera Roll, though not as a pannable image.

While we tested it on the iPhone 3GS, Photosynth struggled because of the lack of a gyroscope in this model - it really needs an iPhone 4 or latest-gen iPod touch.

We can't recommend this highly enough, it's quite simply a must-have app. Thanks, Microsoft!

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