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Sony Wide SMU-C3 review

Inexpensive, large and colourful

This strong, wide-format mouse is very comfortable to use

Our Verdict

Cheap and cheerful, although the cable does sometimes come loose


  • Comfortable to use


  • Flawed cable design

This strong, wide-format mouse is very comfortable to use, especially if you are migrating away from using a narrow mouse. Its larger size has no bearing on how much power it draws; the low-powered USB slots on an Apple keyboard powered this one. You get left-click, right-click, scrolling and down-click on the scroll.

The USB cable wraps away under the mouse in a compartment with a removable lid. Unfortunately the way this has been designed is slightly faulty. Where part of the cable exits the mouse, the holding nozzle is weakly moulded and this lets the cable slip loose - this makes for a bumpy ride along the desk when it happens.

We found ourselves realigning it quite a few times. This isn't a big issue and it only takes a second to fix but it's annoying at times. Besides this, it tracks well and otherwise would have been recommended highly.

Most online stores in the UK only have the white and green version, but stocks the pictured version too.