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Top 10 best Freesat boxes for UK TVs


Top 10 best Freesat boxes for UK TVs

Monthly subscription charges, who needs 'em? Especially when you can get over 140 TV and radio channels as well as HD content free.

That's the promise of Freesat - the BBC-backed alternative to Sky's Pay TV service, which can give you all this right, right now - you don't have to wait for Freeview digital TV to come to your TV region.

The only thing you really have to think about is what kind of satellite receiver (plus dish, naturally) that you're going to choose to get your TV programmes on.

Which is why we've lined up our favourites below - from affordable receiver-only boxes to Sky+-style PVRs.

Arm yourself with a motorised dish, a couple of LNBs, and and some of the more exotic offerings here and you could well find yourself straying well beyond your regular Freesat/Sky comfort zone. Austrian Eurotic TV anyone?