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Sony: We're not abandoning 2D games

Sony - not losing 2D focus
Sony - not losing 2D focus

Sony insists that the arrival of 3D capability for the Sony PlayStation 3 will not see it lose focus on the users who are not likely to shell out for a new television.

Although the latest update makes every PS3 3D-capable, the expense of a 3D television will obviously serve as a major hurdle to uptake of 3D games.

Despite their enthusiasm for the new technology, Sony insists that people without a new television needn't worry.

No desertion

"We're still going to create great quality 2D games," Sony's Ian Bickerstaff told TechRadar. "We're not going to desert people with 2D televisions."

Bickerstaff – a senior engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe – admits that nobody yet knows if 3D will become a key selling point,but believes that the quality will ultimately win out.

"Will it revolutionise games? We don't know," admitted Bickerstaff.

"All we do know is that we find it amazing.

"I think people will like it and every PlayStation 3 is now 3D enabled - so all those houses now have a 3D playout device and media centre."