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Sony announces 3D glasses and emitter price

Sony's glasses priced in Japan
Sony's glasses priced in Japan

Sony has unveiled the prices of its 3D glasses and emitter package – an add-on which will make the latest batch of Sony Bravias 3D Ready.

Sony's latest Bravia TVs will be 3D compatible but only one of these will be 3D Ready, and that is the LX900.

The LX900 is Sony's flagship model of the company's Monolithic range, one which will have an emitter inside. The television will also come with two Sony active-shutter glasses.

The active shutter glasses can also be bought separately, although this is currently available in Japan.

3D add-ons

Each pair of glasses will set you back 12,000 Yen, which is around £90. Even though this is around about the price that we thought for the specs, it does mean that a family of four will have to fork out an extra £180 when buying a 3D TV.

As for the emitter, this will cost 5,000 Yen, which is £33. The emitter can be added to Sony's NX900, HX700, HX800 and HX900 to make the 3D-capable TVs 3D compatible.

Sony hasn't officially announced when its 3D TVs will be coming to the UK market. But, with Samsung and Panasonic's launching this month, we can only assume that a launch is imminent.

Via Sony Insider