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Motorola unveils non- losable remote control

Where's Moto?
Where's Moto?

Motorola believes that it has got an answer for all of your lost remote/batteries run out problems – unveiling a rechargeable remote control for its VIP IPTV set-top boxes.

With a, frankly, hideous base unit that has a find button which activates a beep on the remote, you will never need to turn over the sofa cushions in desperation again – unless you're looking for change to tip the postman of course.

Constantly? Doesn't it get annoying?

"We're constantly listening to consumer feedback to help us develop new functionality," said Kevin Wirick, Vice President of Marketing at Motorola.

"Losing a remote control is an issue that many end users find infuriating. With this product we're not only addressing this frustration but we've created a platform to extend the utility of the VIP set tops and remote control units by adding a USB or Bluetooth-connected accessory to the set top architecture."

The unit is charged via wall sockets or a set-top box USB, and the remote can be used for multiple other devices as well having a handy digital clock.

From CES 2009