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Stan invites itself into your house with new Google Home voice support

Google Home may not be all that useful while trying to escape The Black Lodge, but it will allow you to start streaming episodes of Twin Peaks with your voice alone, thanks to the addition of Stan voice control functionality.

The new feature comes just in time for the Australian launch of Google Home, which is available to buy as of today. 

To take advantage of Stan's new Google Home features, simply open the Google Home app, head to the app's full settings, drop down to the 'Services' section, select 'Videos and Photos' and from here you can enter your Stan login details to link your account.

Aside from searching for specific Stan TV shows and movies, additional voice commands include: play, next episode, previous episode, pause, resume, stop, skip back, turn on subtitles and turn off subtitles.

Whether or not Google Home can explain what the heck is going on in the new Twin Peaks season is another matter entirely...