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CES 2007: Asus W5Fe SideShow laptop

You can read emails or look at RSS feeds with SideShow

The top CES release from Asus has actually been more often seen in Microsoft circles at the show. That's because the company's new laptop is one of the first to use SideShow, Microsoft's secondary lid-top display technology.

SideShow is a long talked about technology that makes use of a external screen on the lid of the notebook to display information such as the number of new emails you have or song names if you're listening to music with the lid down.

The external screen is a 2.8-inch QVGA TFT. But most interestingly it has 1GB of NAND flash memory which means you can perform functions without booting Vista - very clever indeed.

You can also use Vista gadgets or view RSS feeds on the screen.

The 12-inch widescreen W5Fe is based on the existing W5 series design. It retains the swivel webcam from that model and has a 2.16GHz Merom processor.