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Xbox SmartGlass update brings iPhone 5 optimisation

Xbox SmartGlass update brings iPhone 5 optimisation
Developers are slowly updating their iPhone apps for the new screen ratio

Microsoft has issued an update to the popular Xbox 360 SmartGlass second screen app to accommodate the iPhone 5.

The free app allows users to navigate around an Xbox 360 with swiping and tapping gestures, browse the internet through their TV, zoom in on pages and use the iPhone's keyboard to search for media content.

SmartGlass also provides rich supplementary and interactive features for games, movies and music, while users are viewing the content on the television set.

Now, following last week's update for 7-inch Android tablets like the Google Nexus 7, today's revamp gives iPhone 5 owners the benefit of the full widescreen experience.

Bye-bye, black bars

The SmartGlass app, released earlier this year for iOS, Android and, of course, Windows Phone platforms, also allows users to personalise their Xbox LIVE Avatar and compare achievements with friends.

The new update also features a few minor bug fixes, but nothing in the way of new features.

App developers have been gradually updating their wares to accommodate the iPhone's new 16:9 aspect ratio.

Google has been particularly prompt with the process, while other top apps still have the annoying black bars at the bottom and top of each screen.