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Siri on the iPhone 6S may be always listening for your voice

Apple launch
Apple launch

The iPhone 6S is coming later today, but it seems we haven't heard the last of the rumours. The latest is the suggestion that Siri will be always-on in the new phone.

Apple's assistant currently uses active listening when it's on charge, but if you want to use Siri you need to tap the home button to get a call out.

9To5Mac claims you'll be able to use the iPhone 6S Siri feature in a similar way to Google Now, so you can just call out and Siri will answer you.

Always listening

We assume the problem with the active listening on the go was battery life so we've got our fingers crossed the new feature won't prove to be too much of a drain of our precious batteries.

Considering the teaser ad came with the title "Hey Siri, give us a hint", we can safely assume we'll hear some more about the personal assistant later today.

Come back to techradar later on for all the latest news and first impressions of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Maybe even an iPad Pro if we're lucky.