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Samsung denies Galaxy R set to land in UK

The Galaxy R - coming to the UK or not?
The Galaxy R - coming to the UK or not?

Reports that the Samsung Galaxy Z, a watered-down version of the fancy Galaxy S2, is coming to the UK have been played down by the Korean firm.

The phone, which features a dual 1GHz Tegra 2 processor and slightly smaller 4.3-inch screen without the Super AMOLED Plus screen, was supposed to be coming to the UK as the Galaxy R - but we have since received the following statement from Samsung:

"To date, the Samsung Galaxy R has not been confirmed for the UK Market.

"However Samsung currently has a range of Galaxy handsets available in the UK, including the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Ace, and is committed to providing a range of smartphones at varied price options to suit different consumer needs."

Neither here nor there

It's a pretty vague statement to be honest - it doesn't preclude the possibility if the Galaxy R coming to the UK at some point, but we'd be surprised if there's a place in the market for a phone that comes with similar, but not quite as good, specs to the popular Galaxy S2.

Given the Galaxy S2 is now available for just £25 per month already, it seems unlikely that the networks would pick up the Galaxy R - do you think that a cheaper but not-quite-as-good version of the S2 is something that could fly in good ol' Blighty?