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Orange touts first solar-powered headset

The Iqua BHS-603 SUN works with all major makes of mobile phone

The world's first solar-powered Bluetooth headset is here, so you can stop worrying about running out of battery when you're talking handsfree.

The Iqua BHS-603 SUN headset gives you unlimited talktime anywhere thanks to its solar cells catching direct sunlight. Without any sunlight, you can talk for nine hours on a fully charged handset. Indirect sunlight, meanwhile, will bring the talktime up to 12 hours.


It's easy to use - one button controls call functions such as answering, ending or redialling a call, as well as the voice dialling function which switches a call between the phone and the headset.

The Iqua BHS-603 SUN is compatible with all major mobile phone brands, including the Apple iPhone. The Iqua 603 SUN headset will be sold exclusively through Orange shops or from until February. It costs £50.