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Connect your mobile phone to keyboard, mouse

Microsoft has shown off a technology that enables you to use your mobile phone as a PC. Described by the corporation as a "product that lets users connect their mobile phones to a TV, a keyboard, and a mouse," the technology was unveiled at a showcase for Microsoft's ever-larger Research division.

Called Fone , the technology is designed for use in territories unlike the UK. Here, PC penetration is quite high. Microsoft Research execs pointed to the case of Japan, where mobile phone ownership is astronomical yet PC penetration is relatively low. The tech takes advantage of the near-computer power of many of today's smarter mobiles and would offer functions such as internet access.

Fone would also enable connections to other external devices through a cradle - such as files stored on a home network. As well as connecting to static internet connections, Fone could also connect to the net through GPRS or EDGE connections.

The development product was demonstrated at a Microsoft Research summit at Microsoft's world HQ Redmond, Washington.