Mystery 5.5-inch Samsung smartphone shows up in India

Mystery 5.5-inch Samsung smartphone shows up in India
One for India, or one for the world?

Samsung has been linked to several potential handsets that it may launch at MWC 2014, and now there's more news of a big screened smartphone - although one unlikely to challenge the Galaxy Note 3.

Popping up on Indian site Zauba, the handset goes by the moniker Samsung GT-I9405, and it's apparently touched down in India "for testing and evaluation."

Other than the 5.5-inch screen size, the leak gives very little away about the handset, but considering its ID doesn't fall in line with either of Samsung's flagships products (the Galaxy S4 is the I9500) it's not going to be the Galaxy S5 or a direct relation to the Note 3 (N9000).

Who are you?

We've seen reports suggesting a Galaxy Note 3 Neo, Note 3 Lite, Galaxy Grand Neo and Galaxy Grand 2 - could this latest leak be linked to one of these - or is it something completely different?

Samsung likes to launch a phone for every single segment of the market, so the GT-I9405 could well be a handset engineered to plug a hole in a specific market, rather than try to dominate globally.

TechRadar will be out in full force at MWC 2014, and we'll be reporting live on all the new phones and tablets, including anything from the Samsung booth.

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