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iPhone to get major software update?

Reports suggest that a major software upgrade is on the way for the Apple iPhone

Apple and AT&T are to update the Apple iPhone with new features in the form of software updates, according to a new report.

The new features will include the ability to use the Apple iPhone as a mass storage device, a new disk mode and tighter integration with Mac OS X Leopard .

The report also predicts that the Apple iPhone will be integrated with iWork. It expects it to come with a full file browser and support for copy and paste, as well as with widescreen keyboard support in applications other than the Safari web browser. That's according to .

The report says that iChat will be added to the Apple iPhone , plus photo sharing, .Mac integration and the chance to make your own ringtones. Improvements to the built-in camera and support for Adobe Flash could also be on the way later this summer.