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iPhone unlock not limited to France

Get your hands on an iPhone in France, and you'll definitely be able to use it on a UK network here

Orange France has dismissed a claim made by iPhone Atlas last week that unlocked iPhones would only work on French networks.

"Once legally unlocked, the iPhone will operate with any SIM card, including foreign ones," Louis-Michel Aymard told iLounge. However Aymard said that some features like Visual VoiceMail may not work as a expected. All of which of course means you still have time to nip over the channel and bag yourself before Christmas.

Contract-free iPhones are available in France for just €749 (£534), although you'll obviously still have to pay for monthly call and data charges on network here. That contrasts strongly with the £269 plus £35-£55 per month O2 charges for an iPhone on an 18-month contract.