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Galaxy Note 5 rumour claims Samsung is really scared of the next iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Update: Could August 12 really be the date? SamMobile has now jumped on the potential Galaxy Note 5 release date, claiming that it'll arrival with the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus by its side too.

Its insiders have "revealed" that the August 12 release date for the Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus will be followed by an on-sale date of August 21.

This would be surprisingly early for Samsung to launch a new Note handset, as it usually waits for IFA at the start of September, but the mid-August rumours are gathering pace.

Original article....

Late last week we heard rumours of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launching ahead of IFA in order to avoid the hype around a new Apple phablet.

A new report has hammered home that idea, claiming Samsung has set up an August 12 event in New York with the aim to launch the phone in all the major markets on August 14.

Digitimes reports the news coming from "sources at Taiwan-based telecom carriers" which also claim there will be a 14nm Exynos processor and a 5.7-inch 2K curved display.

Bringing it forward

It's not a massive surprise if Samsung decide to push ahead a month or so before the next iPhone launch - it's the biggest competition out there.

The problem with these sources is that Samsung has previously squashed the rumours of an early release, but that was way back in May this year – things could have changed since.

We'll have to wait for details from Samsung about a New York launch before we can know for certain.

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