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Everything Everywhere to announce 4G phones in 2012

Everything Everywhere to announce 4G phones in 2012
Tie-up with Apple could be on the cards

Orange and T-Mobile will be revealing its 4G handset line up this year, and the iPhone could be among them.

Speaking to TechRadar, Kip Meek, director of spectrum strategy for Everything Everywhere, said that discussions were ongoing with manufacturers to offer phones which could use the 1800MHz frequency that Orange and T-Mobile will use to supply 4G signal:

"There's always a question around the eco system [with new frequencies] and we hope to progressively to get more manufacturers to support 4G at the 1800MHz frequency.

"We hope to have more news about [devices supporting 1800MHz 4G] later this year, but we can't talk about it now."

iPhone 5 collaboration?

When asked specifically about whether a new iPhone not supporting the 1800MHz frequency, Meek was understandably cagey, but did hint strongly at collaboration:

"We have a lot of discussions going on with multiple suppliers which we can't talk about much at the moment, but we hope to secure a very good collaborative relationship with the most successful supplier of phones at the moment.

However, it seems that we won't see an exclusive deal for any 4G phones on Everything Everywhere's frequency in the same way O2 monopolised the early iPhone:

"All the mobile operators have considerable influence over manufacturers," added Meek.

"But because we all have that influence it's getting more difficult to hope for an exclusive supply."

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