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Apple's pressure-sensitive touchscreen probably won't make the iPhone 6

Apple's pressure-sensitive touchscreens probably won't make the iPhone 6
We reckon it won't be long though

Another Apple patent has surfaced for our speculative pleasure and this one is of particular interest: it outlines a pressure-sensitive touchscreen technology.

Using infrared lighting and capacitive touch to detect the amount of internal reflection from your finger, the technology would be able to work out how much force is being applied to the screen.

The addition could open up some really interesting new ways of interacting with our iPhones and iPads, not least for games.

Under pressure

And don't worry about those greasy fingers - apparently the technology will also be able to determine the presence of smudges or water.

As far as we know, Apple's may have done little else but file the patent, so there's no guarantee we'll see this swanky new tech any time soon.

But this isn't the first patent Cupertino has registered a patent for pressure-sensitive tech, which makes it seem a lot more of a likely prospect. We just don't expect it'll be here in time for the iPhone 6.