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Secret of pink iPhone 3G uncovered

The pink iPhone
The pink iPhone

Those of you looking at the "only pink iPhone on the market" on eBay will be either disappointed or pleased to know that it seems to be nothing more than a new cover offered by another eBayer.

The original phone, which didn't meet the reserve after a bid of £310 and has now been given a 'Buy it now' price tag of £600, was tipped to be one of Apple's announcements at Macworld, but it seems that the mystery has been solved by a keen eyed commenter over on Engadget.

New player

An aftermarket vendor from Hong Kong will not only sell you the cover and tools, but also lists a variety of colours to choose from with the words and everything intact, something the famous Colorware (where most people have got a re-coloured iPhone casing) has not managed to do.

Whether this recent discovery will force 'garyelephant' from Milton Keynes to drop his or her price tag on the auction, time will only tell. But it's a lot of cash to pay three times the amount you normally would to get rid of the black or white casing!