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Because of Apple's on-going debate about whether to give its iPhone Adobe Flash compatibility, watching video content straight from websites on the phone is a bit of a mare. is the latest site to go down the YouTube route and offer some sort of workaround. The video-hosting website is now available to view via the iPhone and it is all because of what the company calls a "magic" iPhone embed.

The content, however, will only show on an iPhone if you have uploaded a video, or you are viewing one of the specifically converted clips on the site. Luckily, the folks at have created a video to guide you through the technical processes of it all.

iPhone ready

Speaking about the iPhone compatibility, co-founder and CTO Justin Day said: "A major selling point of the iPhone is that it completely replicates the Web surfing user experience.

"We worked hard to recreate that seamless experience and allow users to watch video directly off of the page they're looking at."

Currently, the only other website that offers this type of video content for the phone is YouTube. Users can, however, gain video from podcast subscriptions and separate downloadable links.